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Audio Bibles

mp3 BibleFor the next 48 hours the Listener's Bible's having a sale.


You can get the entire NIV, ESV or KJV read by Max McLean on mp3 CDs for $40 (£25).




gobibleOr how about this for a nifty little product.  The GoBible is an mp3 player with the NIV preloaded on it.  You can go directly to any verse and bookmark where you're up to.  There's a topics index that'll take you to relevant verses, a stories index with 225 preloaded bible stories and there's also a Bible-in-a-year plan you can follow on it.

During the sale it's $90 (£55).

I haven't been asked to plug this, I just think they look like good resources.


3 thoughts on “Audio Bibles

  1. James McAdams

    There are free mobile apps with audio bibles - Life.Churches Bible app lets you stream a good number of them, Logos lets you listen to the ESV, and has the New Testament available in the excellent LEB translation for free too (you can download or stream that one).

    There are many others, but they'd be my picks.

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