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Bible by the bys #1

I'm starting a new intermittent series.  Just some incidental acts or assumptions in the bible that make you think...


Here's the first:

Hannah was praying in her heart, and her lips were moving but her voice was not heard. Eli thought she was drunk. (1 Sam 1:13)

The expectation was that Hannah would pray out loud.  And even when Hannah prayed silently, she still mouthed the words.

Reading that recently made me feel a little less stupid about my practice of walking along the seafront praying with my mobile phone pressed to my ear.  The phone is to stop modern day Eli's thinking I'm drunk, because today expectations are reversed.  Today we're crazy if we do pray out loud!

But I have to pray out loud or my brain wanders quicker than you can say 'Our Father.'  Good to know that 'out loud' was the OT assumption. 

People pray out loud.  And even if they're quiet, they mouth the words.  If your brain is a wild wanderer (and whose isn't?), then here's a top tip brought to you by Bible by the bys.  

Try saying that out loud!


0 thoughts on “Bible by the bys #1

  1. Tim Cairns

    you need a blue tooth headset! I have a friend who has one and never uses it for his phone - its a prayer device for car and work!

  2. Gav

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  3. Bobby Grow

    That's funny, Glen!

    I just pray outloud, although I just try not to do it when people are around . . . but I'm afraid "I get caught" sometimes ;-) --- call me crazy!

    I like your idea, that's brilliant!!

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