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0 thoughts on “Bless me Vader I have sinned

  1. codepoke

    I'm now attending a church that wears such robes, and that calls their leaders by all sorts of titles. It takes an effort every day not to allow myself to be driven to distraction by all this stuff. I cannot imagine any benefit from any of this stuff, and I cannot imagine any justification for it.

    I can overlook it in large degree, but that's been a touch of growth a long time in coming.

  2. Rich Owen

    I dare you to wear a fat suit under your robes - you want to be a little different right?

  3. Glen

    I'd wear robes for a funeral and for a wedding if the couple wanted it. Our church is about as low Anglican as it gets - we don't wear dog collar. But as a friend of mine says (who may even comment you never know) we are in danger of looking like used car salesmen as we preach the gospel. No clothing is neutral after all.

  4. Dan Hames

    I found this good little quote a while back:

    'Today, vestments are designed to be worn over street clothes and serve a number of practical purposes: they conceal the distractions of fashionable street clothing, they remove any consideration of what constitutes appropriate attire, and they remind the congregation that the ministers are not acting on their own, but performing in their official capacities.'

    I think that's a fair point. Tonight I'm preaching, and at the moment I'm wearing khakis and a 'popular brand polo shirt'. It's not exactly radical, but like Glen says it's hardly neutral.

  5. Tim V-B

    I'm not a vestments fan, but I think the biggest argument in their favour is that they mean I don't have to choose what to wear! Do I wear a suit (very middle class) or shorts and t-shirt (many find that disrespectful) or ... worst of all(!)... beige chinos and blue shirt (very public-school middle class).

    James Jordan, somewhere, says something along the lines of "why wear a dark suit (the colour of evil) when you could wear the white of an angel".

    Mind - it raises a deeper question of whether a church service should feel different from, say, sitting around a living room looking at the Bible and singing some songs. Do I go with Tim Chester (church planting in living rooms) or those High-Church Presbies (covenant renewal as we ascend into heaven)?

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