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Paul Blackham on the Sermon on the Mount

Having thought a bit about preaching this week, here is the preacher who has helped me see the nature of true preaching more than anyone. 



Here Blackham is at his best unpacking the Sermon on the Mount at Tarleton Farm Fellowship.  (Also see the "Other Sermons" tab above for some brilliant All Souls sermons from him).


Matthew 5:1-12 - Blessed are the Spiritually Rubbish

Matthew 5:13-20 - Making a difference

Matthe 5:21-26 - Violence 

Matthew 5:27-32 - Sex

Matthew 5:33-37 - Truth

Matthew 5:38-48 - Revenge and Love

Matthew 6:1-4 - Generosity

Matthew 6:5-8 - Secret prayer

Matthew 6:10 - Your kingdom come

 Matthew 6:11 - Daily Bread

Matthew 6:13 - Deliver us from the evil one

Matthew 6:16-18 - Fasting


Matthew 7:1-7 - Judging others

 ... More to come...


Other topical talks focussing particularly on the Sermon on the Mount.

Jesus and Money

Jesus and Power

Jesus and Sex

Jesus and Violence


More talks from Tarleton Fellowship (including sermons covering most of John and Acts)


Three favourites from the above are Jesus and Money, Matthew 5:27-32 - Sex and Matthew 6:13 - Deliver us from the evil one.




0 thoughts on “Paul Blackham on the Sermon on the Mount

  1. Andrew

    I second this, Glen. Paul's nephew Sam -- and others -- preached some tremendous sermons in these series as well.

    I had the privilege of being present at Farm Fellowship to hear Paul Blackham proclaim Heaven's Champion from Matthew 6:13. As always seems to be the case when he preaches, I found my vision of Jesus expanded even further -- my desire to follow Him even greater -- as the Spirit drove Christ home to my heart!

    That too is what I've found with your sermons over the years, Glen. I thank the LORD for you -- you have been a wonderful blessing to more people than you perhaps realise :)

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  3. Glen

    I've yet to make the journey to Tarleton for myself. Hoping to get there sometime this summer. My good friend Will (who comments here) will be preaching there this Sunday too!

    Thanks for your encouragement. Are you the author of the Luke 14:33 blog?

  4. r121

    Hey Glen

    I did not write the first comment but I am responsible for Luke 14:33. I 've read your blog for a while now. I am in the USA (have been for 4 years). Thanks for the great stuff you put up here and when get to Tarleton, say hi to Paul from me.


    Andy Morgan

  5. Andrew

    No, I can't claim to have authored any blogs! I'm from N. Ireland, but I'm hoping to join Tarleton Fellowship after the summer to serve in that church family as an apprentice to P.B. Had an amazing few days with them at the end of May and experienced first-hand the work of Project Abraham. It was inspiring and deeply encouraging.

    I continue to enjoy feasting here! :)

  6. Glen

    Glad to have you here Andrew. I worked with Paul as an a apprentice at All Souls back in 2000 - a life-changing experience!

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