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"My Body Hell"

Last night I caught the end of a wonderful documentary about Marlie Casseus from Haiti.  She suffers from a rare disease called Polysostotic Fibrous Dysplasia.  A 16-pound growth overwhelmed her whole face to point she could barely breathe and was about to go blind.

She was ostracized by her community - many considering her to be demon-possessed. (Some websites I've read have made much of this "primitive" reaction to her).  But, by contrast, she has been well loved by her family and her church.  And Marlie loves Jesus - she was able to speak about her faith a number of times.  It was very moving.

A Christian charity arranged for her to fly to Miami to receive life-changing if not life-saving surgery.  Here are the results:

Marlie's new face


Here's what I found so incredibly awful though.

In the commercial breaks there were adverts for the show that went on immediately prior to this documentary. The title of this other show was: “My Body Hell”, suggesting a similarly sobering subject.  Not so!  This other programme dealt with the ‘living hell’ of nipple hair and relative breast size. Apparently such concerns can have devastating implications for one’s date-ablility index. 

It was indeed truly hellish. But not in the way the programme makers intended.

It got me thinking about those 'primitive' Haitians who demonized Marlie for her physical deformity.  They've got nothing on the body Nazis of the West.  We'll demonize anyone's physical imperfections, beginning with our own.

A sense of perspective please.  And a sense of hope that the Christian community can be different.


0 thoughts on “"My Body Hell"

  1. Bobby Grow

    Glen, good call! The superficiality of the West (me included) is deplorable, and in fact scary. I fear we are frogs in the kettle, slowly learning to think and expect like the "culture" of this world instead of the Culture of Heaven (thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven)!!

  2. Isara Robles de Medina

    Hi,I saw this for the first time on tv on discovery Heath today (23 august 2009)
    I'm verry happy for her and for the family.
    I wish her and everybody good luck and succes in her live and i will pray for here every day
    Angels are waching for her.
    God Bless Her.

    Regards Isara Robles de medina
    From Netherlands Antilles (Bonaire)

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