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Vicarious hope

Having thought about the vicarious worship of Jesus, I've been reflecting on examples of vicarious hope in our marriage.

There have been a few times in our marriage where one of us has turned to the other and said something like this:

-- I really can't imagine a way forward here.

-- Oh but there is.

-- I don't see it.

-- I do.  I promise I do.

-- ...Ok.

The feeling of hope is not there.  But it's enough to rest in the hope of another.

Sometimes Christian hope is like this.  "Jesus, I don't see a bright future.  But I know that you do.  And that's enough for me right now."


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  2. Gav

    Yeah I dig it too. Its been on my mind a bit since the post, esp when I'm hammered at work (not that I'm drinking at work)

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