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Psalms: The players

From an old sermon on Psalms 1 and 2.  These Psalms, as a gateway to the Psalter, introduce us to the four main players:

(1)   the LORD;

(2)   the Christ, the Blessed Man;

(3)   The Righteous who take refuge in Him; and

(4)   The Wicked who oppose Him. 

The subsequent Psalms reveal the interaction of these four groups. 

In some, like Psalm 1, the Blessed Man is shown before the LORD and then the righteous and the wicked are contrasted. 

In some, like Psalm 2, the righteous complain to the LORD about the wicked and then He reminds them about the Blessed Man, Christ. 

In some we have simply the words of Christ. 

In others we have the words of the LORD to Christ. 

In some we simply have the words of sinners like us taking refuge in Him. 

But all of the Psalms are about the inter-relation of these four groups.  And they all work together to speak to us of Christ.


0 thoughts on “Psalms: The players

  1. Jon Sidnell

    Wow, that suddenly makes a whole lot of sense! I've sometimes wondered about the Psalms referencing the "Blessed Man", but that referring to Christ clicks things into place.

    I shall return to the Psalms and see what comes out with this framework :)

  2. glenscriv

    Hi Jon,
    If you haven't already, check out Mike Reeves' sermon on Psalm 1 (I've linked to it on my "Other Sermons" page above) - it's an absolute peach. Cracks open a whole load of stuff in Psalms.

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