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At 41 69 comments and counting, the evolution of a creationist is now my most commented upon post.  I might have known.

(Update: my points were reposted here and at last count it had 99 comments - though no-one seems to have interacted with my points!)

Anyway, here's the top ten in terms of comments:



First Place


 The evolution of a creationist - my journey towards young earth creationism.


Second Place


A Theology of Glory? - wondering aloud about the trajectory of certain statements.


Third Place

Mission, evangelism and social action part two - one post in a series about how our doctrine of God shapes our mission. It turned into an interesting discussion (mainly with Bobby) about Calvin, Barth, Athanasius, trinity and OT.


Fourth Place (joint)

Five Smooth Stones - Grace - from my five part series examining key doctrines through the lens of David and Goliath.

I am not - a discussion of how I use my 'personality type' to shrink from obedience.

Substitutes for the Spirit - how our flesh masquerades in 'spiritual' ways.



Fifth Place


Christian cosmology - some thoughts on how a positive Christian cosmology might take shape.


Sixth Place (joint)


Falling off either side of the wrong horse - how Intelligent Design is no more Christian a response to cosmic fine-tuning than positing a multiverse.

All Scientists are Unbelievers - we're all involved in faith paradigms, naturalistic scientists included.

Worship to honour the Lord - the most bizarre video of worship I've ever seen.  This includes my favourite ever comment on this blog:  "I just assume if ground is holy enough to remove the shoe it is too holy to spin the sock." (Missy)  Go and see the context.

The Truth that is in Jesus - some thoughts on doing evangelism while avoiding the evils of apologetics


Seventh Place (joint)


Go and preach the gospel... to other Christians.  The gospel is for Christians too you know, so lets get into the habit of encouraging each other with it.

Nicea comes before Chalcedon - We mustn't study Chalcedon before or apart from understanding the Nicene homoousios.

Oneness and Threeness - the trinity.  In particular examining what the oneness of God is (namely the communion of the Three).

Who is the first horsman of the apocalypse? - thanks to Google, one of my most popular posts.


Eighth Place (joint)


He saved my life and I don't even know his name - Who is the Good Samaritan?  Jesus of course.

Christ in the Old Testament 3 -  Part of my biggest series.  This post looks at the identity of the Angel of the LORD.  Jesus of course.

The Light shines in the darkness - rejecting Christ is the impossible possibility.  The complete insanity of unbelief.

Where's the turning point? - the father's arms, not the pigsty, is the real place repentance happens.

Door to Door - discussing cold contact evangelism

Bible college - just clarifying how the terms 'bible college' and 'seminary' are understood here and in the States.


Ninth Place (joint)


Personality, temperament, gifts, huh? - the conclusion to a series on how to think about personality types.

Creation voice proclaims what? - Jesus of course.

Bible overview - the book by Steve Levy and Paul Blackham.

Quiet times - questions about this touchstone of evangelical spirituality.


Tenth Place (joint)


Who the man? ... in the parable of Matthew 13:44-46?  Jesus of course.

Blogging personality - a link to a site that calculates your Myers-Briggs type on the basis of your blog.

So what? - What's the pay-off of a trinitarian theology in which the oneness of God is nothing else but the communion of the Three?  Much in every way.

Adjectives for God - I suggested some.  You suggested others.  Quite a nice collection.




If I'm going to beat 41 I'm going to have to write some super-post on Science, Islam, Piper, Trinity and Myers-Briggs in the Old Testament.  Suggestions gratefully received.


0 thoughts on “Most commented

  1. Pete Bowman

    "If I’m going to beat 41 I’m going to have to write some super-post on Science, Islam, Piper, Trinity and Myers-Briggs in the Old Testament. Suggestions gratefully received."

    Looking forward to that! How about a commentary on Deuteronomy 32:15-18?

  2. bobby grow

    One time I got over 100 comments on a post. Guess what it was on? Yep . . . Calvinism ---- I've since deleted that blog, in one of my many blog-carnations ;-). And now I'm lucky if I get 10 :-).

    Man, you have way too much time on your hands :-)

  3. Gav

    I'll suggest a subject I dont like to think will happen for a while yet, cause I dont know yet where alot of people I love are with Christ yet but....

    The end of this world I reckon could be popular. It's spoken about alot by christains and non christains a fair bit. I reckon people get hung up on it though. I had a christain neighbour once, before I let Jesus into my life, who was always talking about it to everyone saying that it was with in a couple of years. She has passed a few years ago now and her theory on timing has also passed.
    The question could be along the lines of whats your theory on what stage we are at?

  4. glenscriv

    Pete, why those verses in particular?

    Bobby, I reckon you could whip up some controversy pretty quick. Why not become post-mill, see what happens in the comments?

    Hi Gav, yes I look forward to Jesus coming back very much. I know that whatever fears I have for others regarding that day will be met when I see Him face to face. I think He could come today. I think He could come in another 2000 years. Who knows, maybe more. I'm glad He's waited this long, because His patience has meant salvation for me (2 Pet 3:15). And I trust His timing because the very same passage tells me: "The Lord is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance." His timing is determined entirely by an evangelistic heart that is infinitely greater than mine.

    And you know what - you might have inspired a post for me Gav! Stay tuned.

  5. Gav

    Thanks Glenn. Beautiful! I thank and praise the Lord for his patience, love and "evangelistic heart". Amen!

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