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A Christmas Round

A Christmas song on Luke 2:10

Actually I haven't heard it sung as a round. I just knocked it out as a last minute addition to a CD of songs I'm sending to nephews and nieces.  I think it works though.  But it might be a bit tricky for kids.  Dunno.  I hope it's catchy:

Don't be afraid.  x4

Good news of great joy for all of the people.  x2

A Saviour is born in the town of David.  x2

He is Christ the LORD.  x2


0 thoughts on “A Christmas Round

  1. Jacky

    hey glen! it sounds catchy like you said! i'm no music professional but perhaps it can also work to a climactic finish with a crescendo (i.e. "don't be afraid" gets louder and louder, or perhaps just playing w/ the guitar strings, no chord-strumming) and then proclaiming "A Saviour is born..." (and this might help given the number of repeats for each verse).

    what did u use to record this?

  2. glenscriv

    hi Jacky,

    Good to have you back by the way.

    I just used a cheap handheld voice recorder we use to record sermons. One of these days I'll set myself up with a PC with big memory etc and recording software.

    If I did that, then I could record all four parts to the round. That's why I just repeat myself in this recording. You're supposed to sing the different parts together, so when I'm singing 'Christ the LORD' someone else is singing 'A Saviour is born', someone else is singing 'Don't be afraid' and someone else is singing 'Good news...' And then you all switch - know what I mean?

    That's probably why it's a little funny to listen to - you're meant to participate and there are meant to be three other harmonies going on.

    By the way if anyone out there has three other friends or family members to try this out with you can let me know whether the harmonies work...

    Call me Norman-no-mates

  3. Jacky

    OH, that sounds pretty fun (the harmony thing).. I don't think I've heard many worship songs like that except.. Prince of Peace? I may give this a go in one of the Christmas fellowships, keep up with the song/music-writing!

  4. Bird Brain

    We'll have to start practising soon for this Christmas. The round works- not sure why we didn't do it last year. You should copyright these tunes, really.

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