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Now that's how to preach the Good Samaritan

We've talked about how Jesus is the Good Samaritan.  But seriously - this is how you preach it...


ht Fools Gold


I was like a wounded man

Jesus came all the way down.

On a Friday evening, He died on a Roman cross

Early one Sunday morning He got up

How many of you believe - He got up?

Thank You, for being a Good Samaritan

Thank You, You didn't have to do it

Thank You, for taking my feet out of the miry clay,

Thank You, for setting them on the rock

Thank you, for saving me,

Thank You, for binding up my wounds

Thank You, for healing my wounds

Thank You, for fighting my battles

Did He pick you up?


0 thoughts on “Now that's how to preach the Good Samaritan

  1. timothycairns

    There is a retired pastor who comes and speaks at my church about twice a year or so who bursts into hymns in the middle of his sermon - I wish I had the bravery to do that!!!

    PS I still think that we are the samaritan!

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