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0 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to you

  1. waycon

    Dear Me!

    If only you had of come to college here in the ACT you might be aware of the ridicule that Ussher's King James annotations have recieved.

    I'll make sure to highlight your b'day wishes to all concerned in class tomorrow - that said I doubt that they believe that Wierd Al was actually a historical figure - more likely the third redactor of our recent Gospels added him as a modern commentary and criticism of pop culture. But I will do my best.

  2. glenscriv

    Steve! Really great to hear from you!

    About 6 years ago I had lunch with the then director of St Marks (Stephen somebody?). It was going swimmingly until I mentioned my belief in 6 day creation. He literally dropped his fork and pushed his chair back from the table, gravy still dripping from his open mouth. Priceless moment!

    Yeah and I'm beginning to be less and less sure of Wierd Al. Maybe *he's* Melchizedek??!

  3. waycon

    I don't know about the past director - the new fella Tom Frame also falls squarely in the frame of theistic evolutionary - to the point where we have mentioned the King Jame's annotations as a point of derision.

    That said I remember you relating your discussion with the previous director - and his speechless comprehension of a world considered by God Almighty to be "very good" which involved millenia of death and decay. Very little changes.

    As regards Melchizedek - are you slipping because I'm sure we both know who that refers to :P

  4. waycon

    Argh the infamous man who shall remain nameless - well actions speak louder than outrageous theology in that case.

    I'll email you tomorrow from class (it's late my time) - keep well

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