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Some Kids Songs

UPDATE 2016: Here are my most current kids songs. (Below is from 8 years ago)


I've been dipping my toe into writing Kids Song recently (see bottom of sidebar).  I've recorded them all as wma's on a little handheld speech recorder and the quality on every level is dodgy.  But some people have enjoyed them.  So...

Go here for my Jonah song featuring the greatest guitar chord ever: E7#9 (otherwise known as the Jimi chord).

And here's one called the Egypt Song.  I wrote it for some friends who were moving as a family.  The idea is that Jesus had to move to Egypt and back as a kid.  And now that He's moved to heaven, the One on the throne knows what moving's like.  That kinda thing.  I think we need to sing more about Christ's vicarious humanity and the ascension - so here's my attempt:

When Jesus moved to Egypt land
A long long time ago
His mum and daddy took him there
And so He had to go

When Jesus moved to Egypt land
The bad guys tried to chase
So they took Him down to foreign town
A very strange place

When Jesus moved from Egypt land
Back to Galilee
He had to make some brand new friends
And learn new ways to be

When Jesus moved to heaven's throne
He went there as our friend
He hears us when we speak to Him
He loves us to the end

So as you go to another place
You'll never be alone
The One who knows what moving's like
Is seated on the throne.

So when your scared or when your sad
You know just what to do
Tell your Friend upon the throne
Cos He knows sad times too.


Here's the audio.


0 thoughts on “Some Kids Songs

  1. kc

    Glen I love all your stuff. Great theology and excellent devotions too but this one is really over the top! Way kewl! ; -)

    Get this on video and you've got a you-tube hit for sure.

  2. Missy

    Glen, I saw these yesterday on the sidebar and downloaded all of them. The whole family enjoyed them as we did our chores (well, we enjoyed the tunes - not the chores!). My girl said you sounded a lot like the Wiggles, but better. :)

  3. Glen

    Thanks guys. On hols at moment (that's 'vacation' to y'all) but thanks 4 encouragement. And Bobby my *mum* brought me up to speak proper! ;-)

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