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Holiday Frivolity 9

Some people get their friends to guest post while they're on holiday.  My blog is my friend.  So it will automatically post silliness at regular intervals.  If you are at work or doing something important, resist the urge to click.  You may be mired in mirth for quite some time.  Enjoy.


And here's my favourite Flight of the Conchords tune.

Think I'll use this in marriage prep for couples from now on.  Good for setting 'Business Time' expectations!



0 thoughts on “Holiday Frivolity 9

  1. Otepoti

    OK, that's just weird. Kiwi boys sing in faux-American accents on an ex-pat ocker's English-based blog.

    "My place is usually tidier than this" - now that's a line with resonance.

  2. glenscriv

    =) I'm assuming these guys are New Zealand's favourite sons right? Do you know what sort of stuff they were doing in NZ to get famous? Or did they have to go overseas to make it?

  3. Otepoti

    Sad to say, I know no more than you could find out from Wiki. I never heard of them till the film came out, and I never heard them sing , at all, until I clicked on your holiday frivolity.

    Six children, things to do, yaknow.

    They shoulda kept their own accents, though :-D

  4. Otepoti

    "Or did they have to go overseas to make it?"

    Yup, this is the land where a prophet hath no honour.

    Even Ed Hillary had to go climb an overseas mountain.


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