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Paul Blackham sermons and other links

No other preacher has had a bigger impact on me.  Not only theologically but also in terms of what preaching actually is.

The sermon invariably begins 'In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.'  The preaching of the Word of God is the Word of God.

Immediately he states the passage.  It's the Scriptures that define the event.

The conclusion is always "Therefore to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit be ascribed all the glory, all the power, all the majesty, all the honour, all the praise and all our love, now and forever, Amen."  The whole thing is worship.

In between, the content is exposition (most often verse by verse) and the manner is strongly declarative, strongly devotional and strongly Christ focused.   Perhaps most refreshing of all, the over-riding tone of the sermon is a child-like enthusiasm for Christ and the Scriptures that is far removed from the world-weariness of many military-briefing-style preachers.

I've linked to some of my favourite Blackham sermons on my new "Other Sermons" page. (It's a tab at the top).  I've also put "My sermons" on a page, but do yourself a favour and work your way through these other sermons - awesome stuff.


Paul's website.


Sermons from All Souls, Langham Place

Sermons from Tarleton Farm Fellowship

Some Favourite sermons:

Genesis 3:1-15

"What of those who have never heard?" Colossians 1:15-23

"Why isn't good good enough?" Philippians 3:1-11

Luke 7:11-16

Daniel 3

2 Peter 3:11-18

Ephesians 3:14-21

Ephesians 6:10-24

Other talks and lectures:

"Faith in Christ in the Old Testament"

Five talks on the Cross


20 thoughts on “Paul Blackham sermons and other links

  1. Dan Hames

    Just to add to Glen's write-up: the five talks on the cross are just brilliant: refreshing, lively, reverential. Well worth the time!

  2. Roy Monson

    Agree with you about Paul Blackham. He really has his own unique style that is refreshing in it's normal down-to-earth feel. He doesn't ever bore you, and his topics are always interesting and well thought out. Being a lifelong USA resident that I am, I find his English accent to be easy on the ears enjoyable. It's not a normal English accent or at least not like others I'm used to. But like you said, He really gives you the idea that he loves the Lord with all his heart and The Lord Jesus is still his first love.

  3. Linda

    Dear Friends,
    Thanks for your comments.
    For other great sermons by Paul Blackham and Mike Reeves and others, go to the new sermon website
    New sermons added weekly. On this website, check out Mike Reeves 2 sermons -- "Secure in Christ" and "The Christian's Ode to Joy" Both Wonderful Sermons!! :)
    Also you can search at
    Put Mike Reeves audio sermons in the search engine for more sermons by Mike.
    A Christian friend helped me to discover some audio sermons by Alec Motyer. Mr. Motyer's reverence for Jesus and clear teaching is wonderful!! Go to Google and put Park Cities Presbyterian in the search engine and then, when you get to Park Cities website, put in Alec Motyer. Enjoy!

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  5. William mc Dowell

    To paul Blackham
    Theology on Jesus is like telling the world that the earth is round and not flat, finding out the truth in Jesus is like telling everyone the Earth is round, at the moment you are an expert on the theology of Jesus, but just like millions of others you are stlll searching the real truth in his word. we will all be blind and deaf to his every word, Jesus the man himself said this. so we are all still searching the real truth, and the real truth will only come by divine intervention by god. and you will only find out his real message when you learn about why he wants to save lost souls. want to find out the real truth of Jesus, please email me and tell everyone the world is not flat.

  6. Howard

    If I'm reading the above comment right, then Paul apparently doesn't know the real truth, but William knows something about 'Jesus the man' that Paul doesn't... but I'm confused. If this truth is so vital, why must it be shared covertly, in personal e-mails, and not in preaching, as Paul does so well in his sermons? Why is it that William cannot share this great truth here, or in a sermon, for all of us to hear? What is it that Paul and those of us who have enjoyed his sermons has missed, leaving us outside of 'the truth'?
    Every valley is exalted and every mountain and hill is made low, to prepare the way, when the Lord gives the Word, sends the word to us, and that has most certainly been my experience whenever I have shared with Paul on the Lord Jesus Christ and His work of redemption, not only of souls, but of heaven and earth - the entire work of His hands. That, I think William, is a message rich and deep and wide that encompasses the true bounds of the love of Father, Son and Holy Spirit towards His works. Sola Deo Gloria!

  7. William mc Dowell

    Hi Howard
    Thank you for getting back to me, In Theology no one has got it wrong about Jesus but when you look into the life of someone in theology it is like being a detective, you look into that life and sometimes you find out something about that person that no one else has picked up on and the buzz you get is like no other that is why we do it, just take Jesus the reason most people pick him has a project is the Questions you want answered, You want to know little Questions like why does this god of love who is the surpeme god let so much evil into our lives?, Why Did god have to send his son as a man and not as a god almighty and stop all evil? why does god ask us to have faith? Why did Jesus not come stright out with it and tell everyone that asked him who he really was? to me this is why I was hooked so many unanswered questions. Just like you, you wanted to find out the real truth when you started.
    Jesus did say we will all be blind and deaf to his message, even that saying sticks out like a sore thumb.
    To cut a long story short Howard, What I have found out about all these questions and more, has taken me to another plain in away.
    So if you want me to tell you more, after all you are a detective. I will send you back the truth about man kind and god oh and evil, Please forgive me my grammar and spelling, God Bless you Howard.

  8. william McDowell

    My first Question I asked myself was about faith, what does the word faith really mean.

  9. william McDowell

    Hi Howard
    The short version
    The fight for our souls between good and evil
    If you incorporate these rules to history of good and evil you will start to understand why God does what he does, just pick anyone of the rules and you will see everything in a different light when you see just some of the rules they have made.
    Just take number 4, that is why Jesus had to turn up as a man
    Number 5 This is why Jesus could not come straight out and say he was God.
    The rules
    (1) You just can’t jump into a human body and make it do your will, for where is the challenge in that.
    (2) You can only use mind control to catch a human soul.
    (3) You can’t come straight out and tell humans what is going on, tell stories as much as you like, so they believe or not.
    (4) You just can’t turn up as a god and turn every thing in your favour.
    (5) You can’t turn up and tell them that you are god.
    (6) God can only use love to catch our souls and only love, to use evil, the game is up.
    (7) Evil can use everything in the armoury, good or evil to catch our souls,
    (8) No souls can be won on earth, only minds
    (9) A starting date and an ending date, 5,000 years of human life
    (10) Ending, afterlife, the real fight for our souls begin.
    (11) With out the powers of mind control as on Earth,
    (12) Only bribery can be used.

  10. Howard

    Um.... What? Jumping into bodies to control them (Mind control?),using methods to keep people ignorant of truth, portrayal of a god (of some kind), good and evil playing some sort of game.... smacks of dualism of some stripe to me. It's certainly not the Gospel - Christ coming and rescuing what has been lost (a redeeming of all things in heaven & earth), so the conclusion has already been assured, that's where our confidence should rest, William - it totally places the intent, unfolding and conclusion of all things into the hands of the one who alone can bring us peace through the blood of His Cross... I hope you find your rest there.

  11. william McDowell

    Thanks Howard So Jesus turning up as a man, you know his reason for this, Why he would not tell anyone straight out who he was, you also know the answer to this, why he forgive every one on the planet their sins, you also know the answer. and the big one Faith you also know the reason for this. And the answer to Jesus being temped by the Devil by mind control, But I'm not surprised The seed of doubt got to you first, I know. God Bless your soul.

  12. william McDowell

    The sowing of the seeds is that what you call mind control in the good book, but when Jesus teaches it in his preaching, that's OK

  13. Howard

    William - the reason has to be what Jesus Himself says - He came to save that which was lost - and what was lost? Us! Actually, He did tell them who He was - recall, for example, the moment at His trial. Why did He forgive us? Because He'd come to enable just that. Am I "seeded" incorrectly because I listen to what Jesus says, look at what He has done, and trust in that? Perhaps that would be deemed 'brainwashing', but mine probably needed just such a clean :) Thanks for your reply.

  14. Glen

    Thank you David, I think the next time I'm free to "watch" on a Sunday morning I'll be up with you (April 7th). Looking forward to seeing you all live!

  15. David Legg

    unfortunately blog tv is no more but we will still streaming our services on u stream initially. Please check the farm fellowship facebook page for direct links

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