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0 thoughts on “Wordled Bloggage

  1. The Orange Mailman

    Hey Glenn-

    This is really coincidental because a friend of mine told me about wordle just this past Sunday. Pretty cool.

    Have fun and stay busy - Luke 19:13

    -The Orange Mailman

  2. Dev

    cool stuff
    where do you get RSS feed of Bible books to put it through..
    what an intriguing way of seeing the important topics at once!

  3. glenscriv

    Hi Dev, I just used the "Paste in a bunch of text" box which is just above where it asks you about RSS feeds etc. I just copied the text across from bibleworks. Et Voila!

  4. Jacky

    hey glen, i've heard some stuff about this bibleworks programme. worth investing in?

  5. glenscriv

    Hi Jacky,
    I really like bibleworks, but then (as with so many computer programs) I only use about 10% of its functionality 98% of the time. (And that 10% is available on free packages like e-sword or the online blue letter bible - just not as conveniently). Biblewrks can easily do some quite complicated searches and it means in one program you've got everything you need. (Unless you've got a Mac, in which case the word on the street is that Accordance is the one to go for). I think it's a very good tool of the trade and so worth getting, but perhaps others have other recommendations?

    My only advice is, if you do get it, it's worth spending a good deal of time learning about all its functions (something I've yet to fully do). I often get the feeling with my bibleworks usage that I'm effectively only using the entry hall of a vast and beautiful palace. one day I'll explore the whole thing!

  6. Otepoti

    Reminds me of the English text of the Greek interlinear I look at sometimes. Only some of the words are sideways. You Anglicans - famed for lateral thinking!

    Nga mihi no Aotearoa, greetings from New Zealand!

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