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Revelation 21 sermon

Here's the sermon from last week.  Where I say stuff like this...

Does your heart long for marriage?  Verse 2 and verse 9 tell us, we, the people of God, will enjoy the ultimate marriage.  We will share a relationship with Jesus that will make current experiences of marriage seem like the pale imitations that they are.  Do you long for intimacy?  How about v4: God will wipe away every tear from your eyes.  We say cruelly to each other: "Dry your eyes mate."  The living God says to us - 'Bring your tears to Me, I will wipe them away.'  Who in your life has wiped away your tears – I guarantee they’ve been very close to you.  Our relationship to the Father will be that close.  Do you long for good health?  Verse 4 again:  No more death, crying, mourning or pain.  Do you long for satisfaction?  How about verse 6: Drinking without cost from the spring of the water of life.  Do you long for a sense of achievement?  Verse 26 speaks of bringing glory and honour from the nations into the city.  There will be industry and creativity and success and achievements in the new creation and we will bring that great stuff into the city for the glory of Jesus and He will love to receive it. 

Whatever you’re looking for, marriage, intimacy, health, satisfaction, achievement, if you’re a Christian you won’t miss out. Let your heart rest in that.


Do you want to travel the world, do you want to see the sites?  You can wait you know.  We’ll go together if you like, we can take our time about it.  Do you feel like you need to get every experience you can out of life, because it’s so short.  You have time you know.  Let your heart rest in this future hope. It is the spirit of Babylon that says 'Get all you can now.  Build your city here.  Beg, borrow and steal for the present.'  The Spirit of Christ says 'Wait for God's city, it will be worth it.' ...


Preaching on the final chapter tomorrow.  Just need to write it.  The sermon that is.  Not keen on adding to 'the words of this prophesy' (Rev 22:18)!



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