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Ascension sermon

Download this sermon.  Close your eyes, raise your hands and worship the ascended King of Glory!

By the way if I die, I want all my blogroll entries to be replaced by Dev's blog - it's brilliant stuff.  Go check it out.



0 thoughts on “Ascension sermon

  1. Dev

    Praise be to God for all the good things He has given us in Christ...

    and you know I learnt much of my theology from you anyway!

  2. paarsurrey


    I respect your faith.

    The PromisedMessiah 1835-1908 has convinced me otherwise with his rational and reasonable arguments from Quran and Bible that Jesus never died on Cross and hence there is no question of being resurrected from the dead for atonement of the sins of CatholicsProtestants.

    In my opinion this was inventented by Paul to promote his own theological philosophy at Rome while Jesus was still alive and went to Eastern side to India. There were no two Jesuses.

    I think the CatholicsProtestants should revise their incorrect concepts.

    I love Jesus , Mary and Muhammad.

    Kindly visit my blogsite for any peaceful comments and or peaceful discussion on interesting posts/pages there. You are welcome for your differing opinion/thoughts if you so like.


    I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

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